Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hallo daar!

Hi there!

I suppose I should welcome you to my new blog. There's not much to see here right now, but I plan on making a real post soon. Anyway, I will mainly blog about the various 'creative' undertakings that I start. This means that you'll see quite a bit of dolling, sewing and cross-stitch WIPs. Maybe even some traditional drawings, once I get back into it. Why did I start this blog? It's simple: I like to talk (or ramble) about things I'm working on. And I hope that this blog will answer some of the questions people have about my dolling. Sometimes it's hard to explain something in words, so maybe showing the WIPs as I'm working on them will help. We'll see.

Anyway, I hope to make a real post soon (I am actually working on a few things at the moment). Till then!

P.S.: my native language is Dutch, so I apologise for any language mistakes I make. It's been a while since my last English class.